Can you remember the oily syrups you used to take as a kid reluctantly? The main reason behind rejecting every single drop had been the awful taste for sure.

Well, good news everyone:

Thanks to technological advances in pharmaceutical industries, currently they are able to turn the most disgusting syrups like Castrol oil nearly into any flavor you desire.


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Excellence is our Specialty.

Joking aside, this is a huge step for both essence manufacturers like Aryan Essence and Pharmaceutical companies to support each other; 30 years of drudgery of what flavors people would love to taste, is our unbeatable knowledge and contribution to the situation.

To finish off, we are not fond of exaggeration, however, we enjoy looking at clients’ smiles on their way into the office after the have received their first feedback from THEIR OWN CUSTOMERS.

If you are an expert in such a fabulous industry, why not tasting a bit of our art?

The Art Of Flavoring