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We in ARYAN ESSANCE with specialized chemists and food scientists, always develop and seek best solutions to meet our customers needs.

Flavor Lab

The main role of this laboratory is the physicochemical control of all raw materials imported into the production system in terms of quality and compliance with the company’s defined standards, which is in accordance with global references. Designing flavors and formulating new essences based on market needs is another task of this laboratory, which is by using the technical knowledge of the company’s top flavors and with the help of accurate laboratory testing equipment

The performance of this laboratory, as well as the test results of all raw materials and produced essences, after detailed tests and compliance with standards, are reported to the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health every month

The laboratory has an Accreditation license from the Food and Drug Administration, periodic visits, evaluations, and approval of its operations by this organization.


Aryan Essance Microbiology Lab is located in the factory with all methods of testing and controller equipment, microbial culture and meanwhile performing routine microbial tests on the company’s products, especially powdery Essenes, they are responsible for microbial control of all surfaces, clothes and materials used by staffs in the production department.

Physics & Chemistry

After identifying the reputable factories that produce raw materials, the necessary samples are selected and a quality control test is performed on them, and if the quality is confirmed, raw materials will be purchased.
After the product is produced in the factory, each production batch is sampled and sent to the company’s laboratory, and after the quarantine period (about 72 hours), if approved, the sales license will be issued.


The primary purpose of creating this unit is to evaluate, test the quality and determine the pattern of essence consumption in edible products, as well as to evaluate their effectiveness in the final product.
Due to its facilities and technical knowledge, this laboratory has the ability to design and produce various products such as ice cream, soft drinks, biscuits, cakes, jellies, pastilles, toffee, chocolate, wafers, chewing gum, fruit drinks and …. It also has a Brilliant history of collaboration and consultation with manufacturing factories in the field of essence application.