Flavor Technology

Technical Capabilities

To us, Aryan Essence, R & D section is not going from our one-night-stand brainstorming sessions to weekend-lab gatherings to come up with something and then force the marketing team to do the impossible (better to say “inappropriate”)
We believe in every single word of carved at our labs’ door. Research is holy to us. It is a scientific investigation, it is the heart of delving into the abyss of possibilities and above all, IT IS the time we have the chance to address the questions never been asked before. Yet, no ordinary person is allowed to undertake such duty which can connect us to the clients’ flavor demands.
Therefore, to enter and collaborate, Aryan Essence only selects those who are ambitious enough to see beyond what a normal man would see and brave enough to learn from failure, walk towards success and run against the new challenges. That’s why in order to sooth the process of Development, introducing new ways of innovation, and creating what we are expert at, Aryan Essence provides its teams with several industrial/Lab contexts. It is here that you can vividly observe the principles of making valid analytical R&D measurements.
Let’s have a tour. Shall we?
Picture a lab for producing your flavor based on YOUR REQUIREMENTS and OUR EQUIPMENT below:

Headspace analysis

Lab scale homogenizer


Pilot spray dryer


UHT pilot plant

Ice cream pilot plant

Heat stability testing

Sensory testing

Check our PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES as follow to have a better image:

“Moreover, pure knowledge is doomed to oblivion if nothing is around to prove it; it seems we have plenty.”

Production Capabilities

We truly believe that the clients must have the right to question every single aspect of what we exactly do, and we are obligated to reply with pure honesty. Professionalism aside, ethics has its gold position when it comes to business:

“but let your communication be: Yes, Yes; No, No: for whatever more than these comes of evil.”
Mathew 5 : 37

So let us guide you towards what you might not know yet have to keep that in mind. In terms of assessing a company’s potentials, do not let these slip your mind:

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Scalability
  • Delivery speed
  • Inventory turnover
  • Response time to queries

Regarding what we are capable of, it would be suffice to mention that have designated and set up facilities in order to boost up the accuracy, purity and speed of flavor production which you are always welcomed to visit. Considering the quality of the product, we need to say that our SQF program covers up all productions (powder or liquid) to take away that inconvenient feeling of doubt when it comes to quality.

Technically speaking, our specialized manufacturing equipment and processes ensure your flavors are manufactured to comply with our strict quality parameters every time. These processes include:

  • Liquid compounding
  • Homogenizing
  • Spray drying
  • Micro-encapsulation
  • Plating
  • Blending

Our production team is ready and capable to produce your

next order

we combine all of the knowledge - producing flavors using the optimal technology.
liquid flavor


Aryan produces liquid flavors in all imaginable varieties. Liquid flavors are particularly well-suited for teas, beverages, fruit gums, chewing gums, soft and chewy candies, chocolates, fruit preparations, ice creams and oral care products. Many of these flavors are also available in a highly concentrated form. Like all of our products, liquid flavors are evaluated through extensive tests in the respective applications.



Ingredients that hit the right taste buds. Our solid flavors are available in all desired taste varieties and can assume various forms and consistencies. We offer our customers powder mixes, spray-dried powders, macro-granules or plant fiber granules with outstanding properties for flavoring cereals, bakery products, ice creams, dessert powders, teas and instant beverages