No matter who and how old you are, where you are from or what you are doing at this very moment, you cannot hide your crush over the good old-fashioned homemade sweet aroma in the kitchen. Some say it even brings back dead people to life.

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ice cream




Yet what makes this magical combination of tiny details in perfect tune is what Aryan Essence is proud to present at its best: “pure flavor”. If it was easy we wouldn’t thrill, however it is simple to us, since we are aware of every single step to turn nothing into something, something into everything and finally everything into one thing; which is integrity.
It takes an artist to appreciate a blank canvas, and that’s what we do.

You can find out footprint in major categories including: cakes, scones, puddings, jelly beans, doughnuts… you name it.

Our standards have always been at the highest for a niche market like confectionary, otherwise we would be out of the game long time ago when we started.

Happiness comes in different flavors